Light Swiss Water Decaf Organic Coffee

$ 16.00
  • SWISS DECAF:  Delicious coffee with no caffeine but all the flavor.
  • TASTE PROFILE: Low acidity and a perfect blend of earthy & nutty tones.
  • ROAST LEVEL: Light Roast


Looking to enjoy the luscious, authentic taste of coffee without that caffeine kick that follows? Swiss Decaf coffee provides just that. The Swiss water process is a means of decaffeinating coffee without eliminating any of its desirable elements, such as flavor and aroma. This particular roast is a blend of Sumatran and Brazilian coffee. It contains the thick body and rustic flavor of Sumatran coffee, as well as the soft, nutty tones of Brazilian coffee. The distinctive characteristics of each one complements the other beautifully. Choose Stack Street Swiss Decaf coffee for an unbelievably delicious caffeine free experience.

Stack Street Coffee is carefully curated for java lovers from all walks of life. Our decades of experience working with coffee, and the passion we exude for what we produce is evident in the end product: a perfectly-smooth, evenly-roasted cup each and every time. We are committed to producing that perfect roast to ensure a premium coffee drinking experience. Our assortment of bold, rich flavors come in different strengths and roasts, so there is sure to be something for everyone from the coffee connoisseur to those simply looking for a caffeine boost. So, sip it slow or grab one on the go, enjoy it hot or over ice. We are here to make your day extraordinary.