Coffee Brewing Guide & Recipes

Welcome to Stack Street Coffee’s Brewing Guide & Recipes! Explore our collection of the most popular coffee brewing methods and learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home or in the office.

At Stack Street Coffee, we believe in bringing you the best coffee experience. Discover the joy of preparing your favorite cup of coffee with our collection of the most popular coffee brewing methods. From classic options to trendy techniques, we have something for every coffee enthusiast. Explore the recipes below and elevate your coffee game! Pretty soon your friends will be calling you a coffee snob.

This page is a work in progress. Please check back often as we'll be adding more recipes. For now here are the main ones you'll need to #GETSTACKED 

A few important notes before we begin:
A kitchen scale with 0.1 gram accuracy is very helpful to crafting a consistent brew and allowing you to fine tune it to what you like best by making small changes to the ratios.

For optimal results with hot brewed coffee your water temperature should be between 195°-205° Fahrenheit.

If you are buying whole bean coffee use a burr grinder which will produce a consistent and accurate grind. Blade grinders while cheap, will just chop the coffee in to too many different size particles and will prevent an even extraction. We've had great experiences with the Fellow burr grinders, that's what we use in our lab to taste all of our roasts.

Here are some helpful conversion ratios if you aren't used to working in grams:
1 Fluid Oz = 29.57 Grams
1 Dry Oz = 28.34 Grams
1 Milliliter (ml) = 1 Gram (g or gm)

Pour-Over / Drip Machine

Time Needed: 3-6 min
Grind: Medium
Ratio: 1 Gram Coffee / 18 Grams Water
Example: 18 Grams Coffee / 324 Grams Water (11 fl oz)
Instructions: Place the appropriate amount of coffee in the filter, if using a paper filter make sure no grains made it under the filter. For a pour over place your cup and filter on the scale. Tare out the scale and pour about 25-30 grams of water across the top to "wet" the coffee. After about 15-25 seconds slowly pour the rest of the water in a spiral motion. Pour it quickly enough to keep the coffee wet at all times but not so quickly that its overly flooded. 

If you're using a brewer its the same concept except the brewer will heat / pour. We have had great experiences with the Moccamaster line of brewers from single cups to batch brews (again this is what we use all day to taste test our roasts). They heat the water hot enough to properly extract and incoporate the wetting functionality. 

Adjust the coffee ratio and speed of pour (when done manually) to taste. Bear in mind it wont be 100% linear, as you add or subtract coffee in the filter the extraction (how fast the water passes by and therefore how much coffee solids are dissolved) will change as well. So make small adjustments.

Cold Brew Ready To Drink

Time Needed: 10 min setup/cleanup, 16-20 hours brewing
Grind: Coarse
Ratio: 1 Gram Coffee / 16.25 Grams Water
Example: 58.5 Grams Coffee / 950 Grams Water (32 fl oz)
Instructions: Combine the coffee and water in a clean container. You can either put it all in together and filter it when done or use a cold brew filter bag, fine cheesecloth, french press or a cold brew pitcher (anything that will keep the grounds out of the water).
Brew at room-temp, and refrigerate immediately when done.

Adjust time and coffee ratio to taste. For ready to drink cold brew we've found 18 hours to be the sweet spot. Don't agitate or squeeze out the bags or filters when you are done the brew. You can let it drip out but if you mess with it too much or it will make the brew bitter.

Keurig  Compatible Pods / Capsules

Time Needed: 3-4 min
Ratio: 1 Pod / 1 Cup
Instructions: Place the Keurig compatible pod in your brewer. Best practice is to use your 2 thumbs to push it down before closing the top until you feel the bottom needle pierce the cup.

We put as much coffee as possible in to the pods and optimize the grind for the best possible cup. Nevertheless K Pods generally have a lower coffee ratio than an equivalent ground coffee brew. For best results use the smaller brew sizes 8 or 10 oz and if you have the option select "strong" to slow down the brew a bit. As always adjust to taste!

To keep your pods brewing especially in an office or other busy environment please make sure to do the following. Keep your brewer clean, use filtered water, descale it regularly and make sure the needles are not clogged particularly the bottom one. Note: Our pods are compatible with all Keurig brewers including the 2.0 


Time Needed: 6-8 min
Grind: Fine/Medium
Ratio: 1 Gram Coffee / 12 Grams Water
Example: 18 Grams Coffee / 215 Grams Water (~7.5 fl oz)
Instructions: Put the filter(s) and cap on and place the coffee in the aeropress. Pour the water on top of the coffee, after ~1 minute give the coffee a quick stir. Around 1:30 start to press the coffee, complete the press in about 30 seconds.

Adjust the coffee ratio, qty and type of filter and speed of press to taste. Bear in mind it wont be 100% linear, as you add or subtract coffee the extraction (how fast the water passes by and therefore how much coffee solids are dissolved) will change as well. So make small adjustments and adjust the other parameters to taste.

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